Mustang Tea
Mustang Tea

Mustang Tea

Mustang Tea is replaced by Himalaya Sorig Tea.

The Mustang Tea originates from the great Himalayan Amchi-
Late Dr. Tashi Chosang of the Kingdom of Lo, Mustang, by
blending different Himalayan Herbs with the Sowa Rigpa art of
traditional formulas, like Terminallia chebula (fruits), Inula racemose
(leaves), Rosa Omeiensis (flowers), Carthamus tinctorius (flowers),
Gentiana Urnula (flowers).

Benefits: Balances the energies, promotes interlectual
stimulation, brain tonic, strenghtening.

Use: One teabag should be put 5 minutes in one liter hot
boiled water.

Net content: 12 x 1g sachets

Produced by Lo-Kumphen to support the Sowa Rigpa
School in Lo-Manthang, Upper Mustang.

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