7 Juwel Tea
7 Juwel Tea
7 Juwel Tea

7 Juwel Tea

The 7 Juwel Tea (Norbu dun Thang) is compound according to
the Buddhist Tradition So wa rig pa (tib. The Knowledge of Healing).
The herbs are collected from the Himalya Mountains near
Mount Everest/Solukhumbu, Nepal.

The 7 Juwel Tea contains, p.e. Arura, Barura, Kyurura.
It balance the body and mind.

Use: One teabag should be put 5 minutes in one liter hot boiled water.

Net content: 12 x 1g sachets

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The 7 Juwel Tea contains, p.e. three of the Myrobalan species:
Arura, Barura, Kyurura

Myrobalan (tib. Arura)

Myrobalan belongs to the botanical group of tree-fruit
plants which grows in the Himalaya region.

Arura, one of these Myrobalan species have fruits from the
size of the fist of a human hand and is hold by Medicine Buddha.

Together with two other Myrobalan species called Barura and
Kyurura, they symbolize the well-known "Three Fruits", which
are one of the most important ingredients for Tibetan medicine,
in particular to support digestion.

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